Questions That You Must Ask Your Spine Surgery Doctor

Questions that you must ask your spine surgery doctor

Patients who are undergoing the spine surgery might be nervous but if you have selected the best surgeon then there is no need to take tension about anything. One practice which we make sure our patient follow is to ask the doctor different questions. This way, you will more precise information and doctor will also know what are your major concern. We have mentioned a few questions which you should add to your list about the surgery.

    • What is the need for getting the back surgery?

During the consultation, the surgeon will explain how the procedure will help to rectify the issue. Now you might not be able to perform the daily activities easily but after getting the Spine surgery you will notice a sudden change in the movement. Moreover, he will also tell what things were not best which you have tried earlier so that you can try only viable options.

    • What type of surgeries can be done?

The surgery options are of different types. The surgeon will explain all the process in detail and the benefit of each one. If you are undergoing the discectomy then you will get to know about why it is important to remove the disc. For other types, you will get to know where the spinal column is located and how the surgery will take place. Additionally, will it be done from back or front?. You can also ask your orthopaedic surgeon if any type of instrument will be used, what will be the length of the incision, and is there need of bone graft?. The surgeon will show a diagrammatic view so that you get to understand in a better way the entire procedure.

    • Is there an alternative available for the surgery?

In most cases, the surgery is the best option after the non-surgical treatment options are tried. Make sure you tell the doctor if tried any non-surgical method so that it does not affect the process of surgery.  

    • Is it good to get the second opinion before the surgery?

It is the best way to be sure that you have made the right decision by consulting other spine specialists. Even second opinion is also covered by many health insurance companies so you should call them and consult them.

    • Should I expect to stay in the hospital?

In the case of an outpatient procedure, the patient can go home on the same day. In another procedure, you have to stay in the hospital for more than one day. The surgeon will tell you whether the surgery will be outpatient or inpatient.

    • Is there any risk involved with the surgery?

In most cases, there is potential risk such as excessive bleeding, infection, nerve injury, and anesthesia. It is best you know about the complications before the surgery so that you can prepare according to that. Also, ask the surgeon how you can manage them effectively.

    • How many surgeries have you performed?

There is no harm in asking the doctor about his experience and about the results of the surgery. This way you will get to know about the results and you can be sure that you have selected the best surgeon.

    • What if I don’t get the surgery?

Once you know everything you should ask the surgeon what will happen if you don’t get the surgery. Is there a risk or the symptoms will increase?

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